As Rave Family Block Fest grows and evolves, the information in our FAQ may change. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.

Rave Family Block Fest will take place 10 AM to 6 AM EDT daily from July 9 to 13 in Minecraft. Fam who are anxious to start the fun early will also have an option for early arrival. Pick up a copy of Minecraft, pay the cover (starting at $10) and you’re set!

You’ll need two things to party with us: a spot on the Guestlist and a copy of Minecraft.

To get in, you’ve gotta be on the list. But don’t worry, you won’t have to bribe the bouncer, just check social media for special links from each artist that will get you in. Pay the $10 Cover Charge (over half of your Cover Charge goes back to the artists who created the music and hooked you up!), and you’re on the Guestlist!

Purchase Cover Charge: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rave-family-block-fest-tickets-109818437904

Artist Guestlist Links/Access Codes: https://bit.ly/artist-codes

If you don’t have a copy of the game yet, no worries! Follow the appropriate link(s) below or look in your app store in order to purchase. During the install process you will create a Minecraft username so you’ll be ready when it’s time to check out.

Java Edition

Bedrock Edition


  • On Java: festival.java.rave.family 
  • On Bedrock: festival.bedrock.rave.family


Minecraft: Java Edition
  • Sign in to Minecraft with the username you supplied at checkout on Eventbrite
  • Select Multiplayer from the main menu
  • Click the Add Server button
  • For Server Name, enter: Rave Family
  • For Server Address, enter: festival.java.rave.family
  • Click on the server you just added and click Join Server
Minecraft for Windows 10/mobile devices
  • Sign in to Minecraft with the username you supplied at checkout on Eventbrite
  • Click Play, then New, then on the Arrow next to “Advanced” to add a server
  • For server name, enter: Rave Family
  • For server address, enter festival.bedrock.rave.family
  • Once the light turns green, you are connected
  • Click on the Rave Family server and you’re in!

The Java Edition is meant for computers that were built for gaming. If you aren’t sure if your device can run the Java Edition, we suggest using the Bedrock Edition.

Using the Rave Family Block Fest artist’s unique link, pick which way you’d like to experience the festival. Over half of your cover charge goes back to the artists who created the music and hooked you up!

GA Cover Charge: $10

  • Access to all main festival areas
  • Access to all artist stages

VIP Add-On (Requires GA Cover Charge): $15

  • Access to secret VIP DJ sets
  • Access to VIP servers, mini games, and experiences
  • First public access into the festival, days ahead of the music
  • Custom Rave Family Block Fest game skin

Early Arrival Group Camping (Not included with GA Cover Charge): $5

  • Early access to the festival
  • Free entry into the Group Camping Contest

Check out the lineup and alphabetical list of over 950 artists!

We know, we know! With over 65 stages and 950 artists… how do you see it all? Good news! We will have encore weekends the three weekends following the festival. You’ll have three additional weekends to chase the sets you missed or relive the ones you loved.

Yes! While you explore, you can hang out and chat in our Discord server or a voice channel in your own Discord server.

Yes! A bunch of artists have already jumped into our Discord server and they’ll also be kickin’ it at the festival, so keep an eye out!

This is your chance to make your festival dream outfit—no strings attached. Choose the wildest festival attire you can imagine—dance in your underwear, we don’t care! There are various websites that make creating an avatar skin easy. Our favorite is Planet Minecraft.

We are always in need of master builders! Head over to the Trophy Room in the Rave Family Discord Server and drop images or videos of your brag-worthy builds. Artists check this channel for inspiration. We’ll be in touch if we like what we see!

Submissions for Rave Family Block Fest are currently closed, but we’ll have details on a Hometown Heroes stage and instructions for how to submit a set and win a chance to play at Rave Family Block Fest!

The festival is available on Minecraft for PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 10, iOS, Android Mobile App, and Oculus Rift.

Heads up: you’ll need WiFi to connect to Minecraft on iOS and Android! If you’ve signed up for Minecraft (Bedrock) with an Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID, learn how to use your account on other platforms.

Unfortunately, Minecraft on game consoles currently doesn’t allow you to connect to private servers, so the festival won’t be accessible on them. We’ve reached out to Minecraft to request to be added to the Featured Servers list, but haven’t heard back. There are a few third party workarounds, but most rely on private servers that we don’t own or control, so we can’t recommend them or guarantee their function or security.

Audio will be streamed through an app or browser. Choose the stage you want to listen to and groove while you explore the festival!

The main festival and most stages will be set to Adventure Mode.

Server capacity varies by stage and depends on the size of the world, how many special effects are used, how fast people are running around, and a whole host of other factors. In general, our servers can hold 100-500 Fam.

Yes, or more likely, every stage may have multiple servers.

Yes, we will be utilizing safelisting. You will need to provide your username when you pay the cover for the festival. Make sure the username you provide matches the Minecraft Edition you are using to experience the festival!

Yes! Your tickets are still valid and you’ll be receiving an email from Eventbrite with new dates shortly. For anyone who currently has a ticket, we’ll be doubling your in-game coins as a thank you for your flexibility.

Yes – IF YOU UPDATE. When prompted beginning Thursday, June 23, you should update your game.

We will be working around the clock once the server updates are made to convert these worlds first and will make those servers available as soon as possible.

YES YES YES! While we are bummed to have to move the event, it’s also allowing us to add more artists, features, and exciting promotions. We will be announcing new stages in the next few days.

We also know that a lot of you are itching to see some of the stages and worlds, so some of our artists will be hosting live stream tours, performances, and interviews. Make sure to join our Discord and follow up on social media for more updates!

Also, we have received a ton of inquiries about playing the festival and we hear you! We’ll have details on a Hometown Heroes stage and instructions for how to submit a set and win a chance to play at RFBF!

The Rave Family team is composed of extremely talented and dedicated individuals who are experts in their field. We are committed to bringing you the best experience possible….but we will also make sure we have cheese sandwiches in the vending tents.

We know this is a bummer for everyone, we are so excited to party with you! We also know, though, that with even more time to perfect the event, it will be EVEN MORE AWESOME!

Ticketing related questions should be directed to support@rave.family.

Post your question in the Rave Family Discord Server Support channel and someone from the Rave Family Crew will help you out.